Learning Objectives:

  1. The attendee will gain understanding of the complex challenges involved in transitioning from training to practicing as an independent provider and develop strategies on overcoming these issues.
  2. The attendee will be able to recognize symptoms of Imposter Syndrome and its impact on career development and on mental health.
  3. The attendee will obtain better understanding of the various social determinants of health, implicit biases, and how it affects patients care.
  4. The attendee will appreciate some potential pitfalls in multidisciplinary bariatric practice and learn approaches to help avoid them.

3:30pm Introduction
Chris Daigle, MD FRCSC FACS
3:32pm Time to Fly - Lessons learned during the daunting transition from training to practice
Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD
3:47pm Discussion
3:54pm Am I the only one experiencing this?
Nini Peterson, PhD
4:09pm Discussion
4:16am Social Determinants of Health - We have seen the effects, now let’s see the data
Tuesday Cook, MD
4:31pm Discussion
4:38pm Adventures in the Rat’s Nest – Escaping challenging clinical traps
Adrian Dan, MD FACS
4:53pm Discussion
5:00pm Adjourn