Learning Objectives:

  1. Differentiate between anatomical and physiological reflux and management options for each.
  2. Differentiate between alkaline and acid reflux and management options for each.
  3. Identify important diagnostic questions and treatment options in the post operative bariatric surgery patient with foregut disease..

This course will focus on general surgical and foregut disease in patients undergoing metabolic and bariatric surgical procedures. Unique diagnostic and treatment strategies utilized in managing foregut disease will be discussed.

1:00pm Introduction
Colleen Kennedy, MD MBA
1:05pm Understanding GERD: Anatomic basis and Pathophysiology
Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD
1:25pm Alkaline or “Bile” Reflux – Pathophysiology and treatment options
Rachel Moore, MD
1:45pm The Pre Op Metabolic Surgery Hiatal hernia Debate – To Fix or Not? Surgery choice?
Sachin Kukreja, MD
2:05pm Evaluation and treatment of metaplastic changes – gastric and esophageal
Vamsi Alli, MD
2:25pm The discovery of hiatal hernia in the post op bariatric patient: Evaluation and Management decision making
Cori McBride, MD
2:45pm Discussion and Questions
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Endoscopic interventions in the post op bariatric patient: more than just strictures and leak management
Barham A Dayyeh, MD
3:55pm Emerging technology: Treatment of Reflux with LINX in the post op bariatric patient
Richard Englehardt, MD
4:20pm Refractory Marginal Ulcers – Management considerations and Surgical options
Joe Northup, MD
4:40pm Panel Question and Answer
5:00pm Adjourn