Learning Objectives:

  • Describe technical details of performing Robotic Bariatric Surgery.
  • Describe Benefits of Robotic Bariatric Surgery
  • Describe Challenges in Implementing Training and structured curriculum in Robotic Bariatric Surgery.

This session is designed to highlight and stimulate discussion of the current state of robotic bariatric surgery, challenges in implementation and the technical nuances of Robotic Bariatric Surgery. The session will stimulate healthy discussion on the role of Robotics in Bariatric Surgery.

8:30am History of Robotic Surgery
Colston Edgerton, MD
8:40am Why I Chose to start using Robotics
Tuesday Cook, MD
8:50am An analysis of the cost of using Robotics in Bariatric Surgery
Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD
9:00am Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Robotic Surgery
Michael Edwards, MD FACS
9:10am Challenges in implementing Robotic surgery in my practice- My Journey
Faiz Shariff, MD
9:20am How I train Residents and fellows in Robotic Bariatric Surgery
Vamsi Alli, MD
9:30am Break
10:00am The Objective of Robotic Competency in Bariatric Surgery Fellowship Training
Adrian Dan, MD FACS
10:15am Robotic Surgery in Bariatrics- a Naysayer’s perspective
Rami Lutfi, MD
10:30am Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy
Monique Hassan, MD
10:45am Robotic Gastric Bypass
Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS
11:00am Robotic Duodenal Switch
Rana Pullatt, MD
11:15am Robotic Revisional Surgery
Nancy Marquez, MD
11:30am Robotic Surgery - The future
11:45am Robotic Surgery Panel Discussion- Questions & Answers/ Revision Videos
Rana Pullatt, MD; Monique Hassan, MD; Nancy Marquez, MD
12:00pm Adjourn