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Learning Objectives:

  1. List potential sequelae of gastric bypass that might require operation
  2. Describe the radiologic work-up of complications after gastric bypas
  3. Compare radiation dosages of common situations

8:30am Welcome and Introduction
8:31am Video Case: Dealing with Molina band
Sachin Kukreja, MD
8:50am Clinical case: Thiamine Deficiency
Karen Flanders, MSN ARNP CBN
9:10am Video Case: Gastric Bypass Reversal for Hypoglycemia
Nancy Marquez, MD
9:30am Break
10:00am Video Case: Coloenteric Fistula in RYGB Patient
Jamie Loggins, MD FACS
10:20am Clinical Case: “Ten Operations - You Get a Free Cup of Coffee!”
Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS
10:40am Video Case: Stapler Mishaps
Rana Pullatt, MD; Shanu Kothari, MD
11:00am Clinical case: Management of Marginal Ulcer After RYGB
Eric DeMaria, MD
11:20am Video Case: Bypass with Malrotation
Andre Teixeira, MD
11:40am Discussion
12:00pm Adjourn