Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current state of DS procedures in the treatment of obesity
  • Understand current limitations of DS procedures as a treatment option for obesity
  • Understand potential complications and management strategies after DS procedures

1:00pm Welcome and Introduction
1:01pm Unified theory on why SADI-S works
Daniel Cottam, MD
1:30pm Development of SADI-S around the world
January Hill, MD
1:45pm Indications and contraindications: Who should / should not get a SADI or DS?
Andre Teixeira, MD
2:00pm Comorbidity resolution: are DS procedures really better?
Michael Edwards, MD FACS
2:15pm Technical Considerations in Gastric Bypass Conversion to SADI/DS
Rana Pullatt, MD
2:35pm Is RYGB really better than DS for GERD?
Keri Seymour, DO
2:55pm Question and Answer
3:00pm Break
3:30pm How much follow-up is enough- the role of physician extenders in the care of SADI-S / DS patients?
Deb Allis, PA-C MBA
3:50pm SADI-S as a revisional procedure
Dana Portenier, MD
4:10pm Managing complications after SADI-S/DS: what to do about bile reflux, protein malnutrition, chronic diarrhea, surgical complications…?
Folahan Ayoola, MD
4:30pm Technique Nuance: options for bowel measurement, duodenal dissection, duodenal mobilization, DI anastomosis techniques, and surgical platform
Sachin Kukreja, MD
4:55pm Closing Question and Answer
5:00pm Adjourn